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This is a book written by the owner of Rock the Block Studio herself, Tiffany Nordé. In this book you will learn about the 7 steps that she took to restore the woman within herself. The purpose of this book is to help you, that wife, that mom, or that single woman, to reclaim your time, your space, your mind, your joy, your truth, your dreams, and your peace while giving yourself permission and grace as you restore the woman within who is so much more than the societal norms and pressures to solely be someone's wife and someone's mom as life's goal for a woman. It's time that we see you and experience your superpower as a woman once again! 


Answer me this:

  • Are you a wife and/or mom who has found yourself stuck in the demands of these two roles?
  • Are you wondering how you lost yourself in the midst of it all?
  • As a single woman or non-mother, a better term "Rich Aunti" don't you hate being pressured into being a mom or wife, or feeling you're incomplete in someway by not being one of these two things as a woman? 
  • Are you ready to restore that woman inside of you?


If you've answered YES to anyone of these questions, then this book is for you!



More than a Wife, More than a Mom: 7 Steps to Restoring the Woman within

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